Welcome to the Lower East Side.

New York City’s most legendary neighborhood can be a tough place for a girl to grow up.

  • 69%
    of public school students live in poverty
  • 2000
    of NYC’s homeless students come from the Lower Eastside
  • 16%
    of students perform at grade level in math in grades 3-8
  • 35%
    of youth are raised by a grandparent or other family member
  • 50%
    of High School students graduate (city average is 70%)
  • 13%
    of students are performing at grade level in English in grades 3-8
  • 85%
    of schools qualify as overcrowded
  • 60%
    of youth are raised in single parent homes

What We Do

The Lower Eastside Girls Club connects girls and young women to healthy and successful futures. Our state-of-­the-­art center offers a safe haven with programs in the arts, sciences, leadership, entrepreneurship, and wellness for middle and high school girls. Programs are offered at no cost to girls and their families.

The Girls Club Impact:

  • 89%
    of girls report they’re more interested in STEM subjects
  • 95%
    of girls report that the Girls Club helps them manage stress and anxiety
  • 98%
    of girls report that they’re more aware of issues impacting their lives and their community
  • 88%
    of girls report discovering new interests and passions
  • 91%
    of girls say the Girls Club helps them set goals, plan ahead, and stay motivated

Help us close the gap.

Schools in our neighborhood get $6000 less annual funding per student than wealthier districts around the state.

That’s the gap our girls face, based on an average for our three local schools grades 3-8. Your generous gift gives them a fair shot and access to a full year of Girls Club services. To find out about sponsorship opportunities, including naming rights for key Club facilities, please contact us at development@girlsclub.org.

Interested in volunteering? Just fill out this form to apply.

Joy. Power. Possibility.

We bring a world of opportunity to the girls who need it most. Support our girls.