Council Member for a Day!

Tuesday, March 31st, I spent the day as a Junior Council Member, shadowing the Councilwoman of District 2, Rosie Mendez.  Not only did I get to observe what she does on a day to day basis, I was also able to meet other inspiring Councilwomen and girls who were concerned about political issues within their communities. During the lunch for the Councilwomen and the junior Councilwomen, I heard how many of these women came into politics and their struggle to do so. On the car ride to City Hall, Rosie Mendez told me of how she had believed she would end up as a doctor or pharmacist, having a love of math and science but began seeing injustices in her community that she wanted to change. 

During the City Council Meeting, the Junior Council Memebers sat in their Councilwoman’s chair and represented them, when votes were being made about the opt out option for NY State tests and privately owned empty lots in the city. I was even able to make a short statement on my experience in high school.  As someone who was able to do an exhibition, a 15 page paper and presentation, as a substitution for regents exams,  I explained that there are different ways of displaying a student’s ability to understand a topic. A fish may be able to swim better than a monkey, but it can’t climb a tree! 

I would like to thank The Lower Eastside Girls Club for nominating me and Councilwoman Rosie Mendez for this wonderful experience and opportunity! 

Jenna Otero                                                                                                        Age 17
Grade 12
School of the Future
Girls Club Member Since 2011

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