Update from Our Sister Club “House With a Heart” Nepal

Nepal Earthquake Update
A Message from Beverly Bronson
Founder, House with a Heart
We are sending this urgent message on behalf of our Girls Club Worldwide partner, House with a Heart, a charity that provides a home for abandoned children, an education center for impoverished women and children, and an outreach program for needy families in Kathmandu, Nepal. – The Girls Club

Thankfully the children and staff of House with Heart are safe after the massive earthquake on Saturday. Our buildings are still standing, but have been heavily damaged. The aftershocks are ongoing and very frightening, not to mention extremely dangerous. We are currently housing and feeding about 75 people on our property. Everyone is crammed into two large tents we purchased last week (!) in the event of such a disaster. We have some emergency food and water supplies, but those will run out soon, so we’re working to find sources. All of the shops are closed. There is no power or telephone, but we are able to occasionally get through to staff and the children on cell phones.

We are in urgent need of funds to cover basic needs likes food, water, and additional shelter for us and the other adults and children we are helping. Many have asked about what they can do. At this point, what we need most urgently are donations. I am so grateful for the friends and supporters who have responded to our call for help. I will be able to bring in two bags (I hope) when I return, but because we have no reliable means to get goods in, we really can’t transport goods that people might collect at this point. Please consider a donation – any amount is a big help!We are preparing for a long and difficult recovery period. The monsoon season has started early, aggravating things. It’s cold and wet, and I am concerned the children will get sick. We have no idea when we’ll be able to move back into the house. A US board member has offered to fly a structural engineer back with me to do an assessment of the house – we are looking for a qualified person available for the trip. We have two pregnant woman with us, and one is due soon, so we are making preparations. Staff are in the process of setting up rules for all the people we are housing so that everyone pitches in and no one takes advantage of the situation. Safety is a major concern as there have been robberies in our area.We are mindful of the fact that we are luckier than most with the generous support of friends like you. I am so grateful to all of our well wishers.