Design for the Future!

In our sustainable architecture class, we’ve been honing our design skills in anticipation of the arrival of a shipment of giant bamboo from South America. Now that it’s here, we’ll start to build an experimental structure – entirely out of bamboo – in a nearby community garden. The purpose of this structure is to transform the garden into a more exciting, utilized space, and also to experiment with bamboo construction techniques that our partner organization, The Heliotrope Foundation, will use to build homes out of bamboo in Haiti.

We’ve been learning architectural drafting and modeling skills, and have tested out the load-bearing properties of some small bamboo we grew here at the Girls Club by lashing it into a ladder and seeing how high we could climb. We’re now preparing the garden as a construction site. Next, we’ll learn how to use the tools necessary to cut and fasten our giant bamboo together. Check out what we’re up to at the garden! (1st St. between 1st and 2nd Ave.) 

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