WGRL launches on MLK Day!


The Sound Studio at LESGC had an amazing MLK Day, celebrating the official launch of WGRL, our podcast radio station featuring programming in science, arts and entertainment, community affairs and news from our Sound Studio. 


In honor of the occasion, an all star panel of radio journalists came together representing some of the top female names in radio journalism on the East Coast. Special thanks to Sue Jaye Johnson (two time Peabody award winner), Farai Chideya (distinguished reporter, activist and NYU professor), Molly Webster from the science based podcast show Radiolab, Julia Furlan and Eleanor Kagan from the all female production team at Buzzfeed Audio, best selling author and podcaster Laura Flanders from the Laura Flanders show, WBAI program director and WGRL radio journalism instructor Jeannie Hopper, NPR producer and 2016 Editorial Fellow at On the Media, Mythili G. Rao and digital media and radio and tv publicist Courtney B. Richardson from HOT 97. In front of a rapt audience of girls, each panelist shared a piece they had worked on, then gave technique tips as our girls got busy conducting interviews with each other! After a delicious lunch, the official dedication of Baker Hall was held  (named after Ella Baker, Josephine Baker and Sharon, John and Jennifer Baker, LES AIDS activists who all succumbed to the disease). We also had a screening of Mighty Times: The Children’s March. Teaching the next generation to use their voices, tell their stories and make change!


Getting tips from HOT 97′s Courtney B Richardson.


Hard at work – these stories don’t write themselves! 


Striking the equipment is part of the process! Notice the perfect cable rolling technique! 

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