Emoti-Con 2016!


The Maker Girls presented their work at Emoti-Con, NYC’s biggest showcase for young designers, makers, technologists, and tinkerers!  Their presentation featured 3 LED art projects. Two panels, designed to mount in the Girls Club public windows on Avenue D, a Peace Mandala and Peace Cat, with LEDs outlining the peace sign in the first, and accenting the peace sign and cat’s eye in the second. The third project was a UFO, which will be part of the space art show at the Girls Club this fall. It was made from a 1950’s ceiling light that was removed from our Airstream trailer, before it was converted into a recording studio. The technology used to make the lights cycle and spin is the Arduino Uno micro controller.  The LEDs are called Neopixels, and they each have a chip that makes it easier to write code to control them. We bought all these supplies from Adafruit, a company run by Limor Fried, who was just this week, named a Champion of Change by the White House! 

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